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1-Coat Damp Proof Membrane

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With just a single coat application, this two-part epoxy surface damp proof membrane and vapour suppressant when mixed will provide a damp-proof membrane even where the residual moisture content in an existing screed is up to 98% relative humidity (RH), or where no pre-existing damp proof membrane is in place. 1-COAT DPM is suitable for interior and exterior applications and can be laid over a wide range of substrates including concrete, sand/cement screeds, anhydrite and calcium sulphate screeds.

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PALACE 1-COAT DPM is a single coat application, two-component surface damp proof membrane and vapour suppressant supplied in an easy to mix Dual Chamber pack based upon a solvent-free epoxy resin formulation, suitable for interior and exterior applications, It can be laid over a wide range of substrates including concrete, sand/cement screeds, anhydrite and calcium sulphate screeds. PALACE 1-COAT DPM is ideal for use as a damp proof membrane where the residual moisture content in a new or existing screed is up to 98% relative humidity (RH). PALACE 1-COAT DPM can also be used to protect screeds laid on damp floors where no pre-existing damp proof membrane is in place or where the structural damp proof membrane is ineffective. Once cured, PALACE 1-COAT DPM produces a membrane that can accommodate hygrometer readings up to 98%RH on cement-based screeds & still demonstrate bond strength issues. PALACE 1-COAT DPM has good resistance to water, grease, oil, dilute mineral and organic acids.

Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be sound, clean and free from grease, oil, dirt or other contaminants. Any release agents and any wax/resin-based concrete curing compounds should be removed prior to application. Existing screed or levelling compounds that are not resistant to moisture should be removed prior to application of the membrane. Where any doubt exists, a trial adhesion test is recommended. Always pre-check the floor using a suitable moisture meter to determine that Relative Humidity (RH) readings are less than 98% RH. PALACE 1-COAT DPM is suitable for use with underfloor heating systems, however, the surface temperature should not exceed 27°C in accordance with BS 8203 and BS 5325. When laying PALACE 1-COAT DPM over a new underfloor heated screed, the heating system must be turned off 48 hours before application. Any existing floor screeds, coatings or adhesive residues that are not moisture tolerant must be removed prior to application and any incompatible curing agents and surface contaminants may require mechanical techniques i.e. Scarification or ‘shot blasting’ to remove them whilst it will also be necessary to shot blast highly polished substrates. Residual dust should be removed by industrial vacuuming techniques. Rough or uneven substrates can be pre-smoothed with PALACE FLOW LEVEL prior to the application of PALACE 1-COAT DPM Movement Joints: Any joints in the floor such as movement joints, must not be bridged using PALACE 1-COAT DPM since they will require treatment using a flexible impervious jointing system and be carried through to the floor finish.

Mixing: Before mixing allow the ‘dual-chamber pack to attain room temperature, these are typically ambient temperatures of +10oc to +25oc as lower temperatures will raise the viscosity of the product and higher temperatures will result in a significant reduction in pot life. Puncture through the centre of the lid and through the centre of the floor of the upper chamber using a long screwdriver or similar, then allow the contents of the upper chamber to drain into the lower chamber. Remove the upper chamber and mix the two components in the lower using a slow speed paddle stirrer to mix the resin and hardener. Mix both components for at least 2 minutes with a drill or similar, until an even colour is achieved. Always mix full container quantities in order to maintain mix proportions.

Application: Once mixed, PALACE 1-COAT DPM must be poured onto the floor immediately. If mixed and left in the container for a prolonged period of time, the working time will be significantly reduced. Apply PALACE 1-COAT DPM onto the prepared substrate in an even coat using a 2mm x 5mm V profiled notch trowel. Whilst the coating is still wet the serration marks should be smoothed using a short pile paint roller charged with PALACE 1-COAT DPM. Ensuring that the applied coating is continuous and free from pinholes. The application thickness should not be less than 250—350microns. When applying PALACE 1-COAT DPM to a substrate where a structural damp proof membrane is not present or is ineffective, this product must be applied as a 2-coat system. PALACE 1-COAT DPM should not be applied when ambient or substrate temperature is less than 5°C or likely to remain so for the following 24 hours.

Curing time: Under ambient conditions, PALACE 1-COAT DPM is ready to receive a smoothing compound as soon as 4 – 5 hours after application. If the applied DPM is still very tacky, this indicates that the DPM has not fully cured and additional curing time should be allowed before covering with a levelling screed.

Coverage: Approximately 2-2.5m2/kg depending on application and substrate conditions to give a finished thickness of approximately 250-300 microns. NOTE: It is essential that the applied PALACE 1-COAT DPM achieves a 100% continuous film free from pinholes, or gaps, which can occur on porous screeds for example, in this case, an additional application, may be necessary.

Storage & Packaging: Keep this pack sealed and in temperatures between +5’C and 30’C. Always ensure good stock rotation. Storage life 6 months under normal warehouse conditions. Available in 5kg ‘Dual-Chamber’ Buckets.


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