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Shower-Proof Wall Tile Adhesive 15L Pallet of 56

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SHOWER-PROOF is a ready-mixed, thin-bed ceramic wall tile adhesive, which gives the fixer excellent initial grab and non-slip properties. This applies to all types of ceramic & porcelain wall tiles and then dries to a bright white finish ideal for light or translucent tiles. SHOWER-PROOF is recommended for use in domestic shower areas, not subject to persistent wetting and its unique initial grab & non-slip is perfect for heavy-duty tile fixing. It complies with EN 12004 Type D1TE

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PALACE SHOWERPROOF can be applied to gypsum plaster, plasterboards, cement fibre-board, lightweight tile Backer Boards, existing tiles, cement render, concrete block-work, and all types of well-braced tile backer boards. PALACE SHOWERPROOF is a unique gypsum-based formula incorporating lightweight fillers which give outstanding ease of application & non-slip properties even when fixing large format heavy duty wall tiles. PALACE SHOWERPROOF is suitable for fixing all types of ceramic wall tiles, including mosaics, stone, porcelain and vitrified tiles.

  • White Gypsum based adhesive for internal wall surfaces
  • Ready Mixed thixotropic paste with high instant grab
  • Instant non-slip with large tiles and a generous adjustability time
  • Unique formula gives excellent adhesion to gypsum plastered walls
  • Suitable for kitchens, bathrooms & domestic shower areas

Surface Preparation:

All surfaces must be clean, firm and free of dust, dirt, oil, grease and lose flaking coatings. Gypsum finishing plaster should be at least 4 to 6 weeks old, thoroughly dry and wiped clean of dust, efflorescence and loose flaking material. Highly polished (shiny) plaster surfaces should be roughened with a stiff brush, removing all loose fines. All plaster and porous masonry surfaces should be primed with PALACE TILERS PRIMER SBR diluted as 1 part to 3 parts with water and allowed to dry. All wood-based surfaces, (including plywood) should be over-laid with Tile Backer boards. screw fixed at 300mm centres to provide a dimensionally stable background as described in BS 5385 part 1. All boards must be level, showing no edge protrusions and be fixed in place with a 0.5 to 1mm gap to avoid expansion stresses between the boards and around the wall corners. When tiling over existing tiles ensure they are securely fixed in all areas. Thoroughly clean and dry tiled, or non-porous surfaces and slightly score out joints to provide a key. Tiles with a surface area of less than 0.1M2 but which weigh more per square metre than 70% of the background’s maximum shear load capacity (see Technical Summary table) should be 100% solidly bedded between wall & tile back.

Application Method:

PALACE SHOWERPROOF can be used for fixing ceramic tiles or mosaics, use a notched trowel to give a ribbed mortar bed on the substrate, into which the tiles are firmly bedded with a twist and slide action to ensure full contact. Use a 3mm x 3mm notch at 6mm centres for mosaics and thin flat-backed wall tiling, a 5mm x 5mm notch at 10mm centres for general wall tiling. The position of the tiles can be adjusted up to 20 minutes after initial fixing. The open time of the exposed ribbed adhesive bed is no more than 30 minutes at 20’C. The final adhesive bed depth should ideally be in the range of 2 to 3mm and contact coverage between the tile back and the adhesive bed should be no less than 80% of the tile area. Ensure all grout joints are at least 2mm, wide for tiles up to 0.1M2 size (>I 600mm) and larger tiles should be fixed with a minimum joint width of 3mm, ensuring at all times the joint is free from excess adhesive residues. Ensure all adhesive residues remaining on the tile face are wiped clean with a moist cloth as fixing proceeds and rake out any excess adhesive still visible from within the grout joints. PALACE SHOWERPROOF should not be applied onto walls affected by penetrating damp; in areas of persistently high humidity or be fixed when the room temperature is below 5’C or likely to be that low in the 24 hours after fixing. When fixing porcelain tiles the drying time of the adhesive will be significantly extended therefore grouting should be delayed until the adhesive is fully dry, additionally, any porcelain tiles of size greater than 0.1M2 or with one side > 600mm should ideally be fixed using a cement-based adhesive. Additionally, all other types of large format ceramic tile, i.e. those with dimensions of 300mm x 400mm or more, will also significantly prolong the drying time of this adhesive and a cement-based alternative is recommended in such circumstances.


When fixing on a level, even surface using a 4mm notched mosaic trowel, PALACE SHOWERPROOF will cover at a rate of about 1.6kg per sq.meter, however, for heavy-duty, studded wall tiles, the product will cover at about 2.5 kg per sq. mtr.


Grouting may proceed as soon as the tile bed is sufficiently firm, which depending upon site conditions can be from 24 hours after fixing on porous surfaces such as plaster or up to 7 days where tiles have been fixed to an impermeable surface such as existing tiles. In areas subject to intermittent wetting, such as domestic showers, always use a waterproof grout such as PALACE COLOUR-LOCK GROUT or PALACE ANTI-MOULD GROUT.

Storage & Packaging:

PALACE SHOWERPROOF is supplied in re-sealable buckets and has a storage life of not less than 12 months if stored in dry, un-opened conditions


Not suitable for exterior use or fully immersed areas (e.g. swimming pools) and commercial “wet” areas including power showers. Ideally, adhesive bed depths should not exceed 3mm and should never be spot fixed.


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